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Subsea Stack and Related Deepwater Drilling Equipment
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SERVICES: We offer a wide range of services including Project Management, equipment inspection, fair market value appraisal, contract negotiations, new and used equipment sourcing, labor sourcing and third party inspections. As a project team of experienced professionals we can provide all aspects of a complete subsea system or individual components meeting client specific needs. Conrad Subsea Services has just successfully completed two subsea systems within the last 22 months. These projects included the subsea stack, the subsea BOP control system, riser system, riser tensioners, drill string compensator and the diverter system.

Subsea Stack
Subsea Stack Details

EQUIPMENT: The recent upswing in the drilling industry has increased delivery times for new equipment and made the used equipment market scarce of usable equipment, however there are still some critical components available that would be of benefit to a drilling contractor that did not want to wait on the major manufacturer lead times. 

Subsea equipment available include:

  RAM BOP Annular BOP 

Subsea Control Systems and Pods

Drill String Compensator


Drilling Riser

Choke and Kill Manifold


Diverter System

Wellhead connector


Riser Tensioner system

Riser Connector


Rams (Multiple sets available)

Subsea blowout preventer

Conrad Subsea Service and Nautilus Offshore Company currently have access to long lead time and hard to find sub sea drilling equipment. Conrad Subsea and Nautilus Offshore have the capability to source, repair, build and ship an 18 ¾” 10K subsea blowout preventer in a 15 to18 month timeframe.

Conrad Subsea Services and Nautilus Offshore Company have over 35 years of experience in the offshore drilling and subsea industry as a project/technical team.

Subea Stack
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